PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course


Single diver: $900   Buddy pair: $1,500

* Prices include all taxes, a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver manual and course certification fees, full equipment rental, and transportation from downtown Vancouver on dive days. 

Add a Drysuit Specialty course for the discounted price of $250

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  • The PADI Open Water Diver certification is the first step on the ladder of diver training. The second step for a novice diver is to experience a variety of diving adventures and earn the Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW) certification.

  • The PADI AOW course was updated and revised in 2016 to better prepare you to think like a diver, manage risks and tasks, and develop good diving habits while enjoying a broader range of diving experiences.

  • The AOW course is for divers who want to make a deeper commitment and investment in their personal development. This includes acquiring some basic personal equipment that you'll use during your course dives and whenever you go diving in the future.

  • PADI requires that all AOW students carry their own knife tool, compass and bottom timer/computer. A dive light is strongly recommended.

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The AOW course is about:

  • Going beyond the narrow limits of the Open Water course.

  • Equipping yourself with more tools and accessories for your underwater safety, situational awareness, task management, communications and enjoyment.

  • Broadening your diving knowledge and experience.

  • Benefitting from the guidance and mentorship of a professional instructor as your personal dive buddy.

  • Increasing confidence in your ability to manage risks and keep yourself safe.

  • Developing dive leadership skills and independence.

  • Multitasking and pursuing underwater hobbies.

  • Qualifying to dive ambitiously when you travel ...Proof of advanced training is often mandatory to qualify for world class diving.

Advanced adventure diving includes:

  • Five total dives in two days of diving.

  • Developing your navigation skills and using a compass on every dive.

  • Breaking through the Open Water Diver depth limit of 18m/60' and deep diving down to a maximum 30m/100'.

  • Your choice of 3 optional dives from a menu including a wreck dive, diving with a computer, peak performance buoyancy, fish identification, night diving, search & recovery, underwater naturalist, and more:

  • An optional underwater imaging dive with an Olympus camera and lights ($25 rental fee).

  • Boat diving or altitude diving are two options available at an additional cost of $200. Ask us for details.

  • If you add a Drysuit Specialty course to the training program, then there will be a total of 6 dives in 3 days of diving.

Course Details

  • The course consists of five different Adventure dives. Before diving, you'll work through the academic segment of the course with the Advanced Open Water course manual and the optional Drysuit Specialty course manual. There are no exams. Every ocean dive includes a written and verbal review of the material in the manuals and an on-site briefing about the skills you'll learn and practice during the dive. It's the safest and smartest way to extend the range of your skills and experience, and minimize your long term risk of a diving accident.

  • Set the dive schedule for sites including Porteau Cove, Whytecliff Park, Kelvin Grove and Britannia Beach . Boat diving at the Annapolis wreck site and Altitude fresh water dives at Pavilion Lake are available at an additional cost of $200. Click on the site name for details.

  • There are five dives to be completed in one 2-tank day and one 3-tank day. If you add the drysuit course, then there will be three days of 2-tank dives.

  • Successful completion of the course will earn you the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification and the optional Drysuit Specialty card.

Gear Requirements

  • PADI requires that AOW students must carry their own computer or bottom timer, knife tool and compass. A dive light is strongly recommended.

  • You get a 20% discount on the everyday price of all equipment purchases at partner dive shops when enrolled in any of our courses.

  • If you're not yet ready to invest in a computer, we'll provide one at no additional cost.

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