Annapolis Wreck Boat Dive


The Annapolis wreck is located in Howe Sound, at Halkett Bay, Gambier Island. It's a boat dive. There are a couple of dive  charterers available to ferry groups of divers from the gov't pier in Horseshoe Bay village. Parking and other services are all nearby.  Transit time to the dive site is about 20 minutes.


The full description and history of the ship and it's wrecking can be found at this link: 

Click on this link for a map view.

The Annapolis is 113m in length (371 feet), lying straight up on an almost level bottom. It's possible to drop down as deep as 32m/105ft at low tide, or stay shallower on deck structures at 12-22m/35-70ft. The ship was sunk in 2015 and has not yet attracted much sea life, but it's massive size and structural layout make it an exciting contrast to the small wrecks close to shore in Howe Sound. 

The site is suitable for certified Open Water divers, deep divers, and Advanced Open Water students. 

Boat charters involve additional costs, so please contact us for a price quote.