Kelvin Grove Dive Site Profile

Kelvin Grove is my personal favourite dive site. It's got the best viz, mildest currents, reefs and walls, and a wide variety of sea life. It’s located in Lions Bay, in a residential neighbourhood,  30 minutes from the Lions Gate bridge. There's a large parking lot with spaces for visitors. 

The facilities include a bathroom near the staging area and a picnic table near the entry point, at the end of a 100m sloping trail.  It's a quiet, secluded setting.

click on the link for a map 

Follow Tidewater Way to the end of the road, below the train tracks. Leave your gear here before parking in the paved lot above the  tracks. 

Enter the water at the bottom of a staircase or from the beach at the end of the trail. The dive site is bowl-shaped with a sandy bottom, and an offshore vertical wall that drops well beyond recreational dive limits. There’s a rocky reef structure at the beach that drops down to about 15m, which makes it ideal for first dives in Open Water course training.

To the South of the entry the sandy/rocky slope is an easy 40’/15m dive. It's populated by urchins, crabs, shells, sea stars, sea cucumbers, sole, schools of various fishes, sculpin families, nudibranchs, geoducks, and more. There is often a resident octopus to be found in one of the dens around the dive site, and dogfish patrol the reef in the Summertime.

For more ambitious diving there's a short surface swim West across the cove and around the Northwest corner to a sloping rocky reef that becomes a wall at depth. This is ideal for deep dive training. It's possible to go as deep as 40m along a wide shelf. The variety of sea life at this site is always a marvel. Decorated warbonnets, grunt sculpins, rockfish, red Irish lords, painted greenlings, ling cod, sea stars, brittle stars, nudibranchs, spider crabs, decorator crabs, seals, octopus and many more species live in this area. Dogfish are seen on most dives in the summertime. Deepwater sixgill sharks have been seen here near the surface.