Britannia Beach Dive Site Profile

Britannia Beach is an old mining community located about 50km North of Vancouver along the Eastern shore of Howe Sound. There are no diver facilities at the dive site, but there are a couple of restaurants and a general store nearby, as well as the BC Mining Museum. There are two separate, unmarked dive sites: one site with three shallow wrecks and more to be found in deeper water. The other site is along an ancient retaining wall known as the Britannia Wall.

Britannia Beach is the hot new local dive destination, fun for all skill levels.

The Canadian Coast Guard Ship Ready sank in 2011 and lies on her starboard side at about 12m/36f depth, where she collided with a much older wood hulled wreck. Her mast comes within 3m/10f of the surface. The crash scene is a mess with debris, and all kinds of sea life has moved in. 

Click here to watch our You Tube video Wrecks of Britannia Beach .

Shallow 8m/25f Open Water training dives are held near an old, unidentified wreck, with slightly deeper  dives on the Ready wreck. An awesome site to take Open Water training dives and Advanced Open Water wreck Adventure dives!