Private, personal, customized, high-quality diver training is our sole purpose.  

We work exclusively with singles and buddy pairs.

 Our training model extends the core PADI Open Water Diver course, plus you get:


* Up to 100% more underwater practice time than in a group course.

* A dedicated buddy/mentor relationship between student and instructor.

* Better diving experiences than you'd get in a group.

* Freedom to develop skills and manage risks at your own natural pace.

*Training equipment includes use of a dive computer, at no extra charge.

* A 20% discount on all equipment purchases when you're enrolled in any of our courses.

*Free Student Medical Coverage from Divers Alert Network (DAN) during your Open Water Diver course.


PADI Open Water Diver course 


Single diver: $1,600*     Buddy pair: $2,600*

*  Prices include all taxes, full equipment rental, PADI Open Water Diver course materials and safety accessories, PADI certification fees, an original training logbook, 8 hours at the pool, and 4 open water dives in Howe Sound.  Transportation is provided from downtown Vancouver. You get a 20% discount on any gear purchases you make during the course.

Add a Drysuit Specialty course for the discounted price of $250 per diver. This will get you a fifth open water training dive plus the Drysuit Specialty certification.

Our private Open Water program is your smartest investment in high-quality training. 

Here's a bunch of reasons why:

  • Learning to scuba dive is more stressful, difficult and challenging than learning to drive a car! You have to develop knowledge, situational awareness, and many motor skills that you currently do not possess.

  • Group instructors have no time or mandate to mentor or buddy with individual students. In a group course you simply have not paid for that level of attention. In our private course you'll get direct personal feedback, guidance and mentorship throughout the course….and after you’re certified.

  • We supplement the basic PADI Open Water Diver course manuals with additional instruction, readings, and insights into the realities of diving. You'll be a better informed new diver, with much more advanced risk management abilities, motor skills and situational awareness skills.

  • All your pool and ocean dives will be in a drysuit. Wetsuit training is offered as an option in summertime.

  • We work with your schedule. Group schedules are inflexible and will proceed whether you're there or not. If you miss a group session you'll be forced to wait and join a later group. Our pool sessions are held at the UBC Aquatic Centre on most evenings and weekend days, subject to pool availability.

  • You'll develop at your own natural pace, not at a standardized - often rushed - pace set for a diverse group of total strangers.

  • We sign you up for free Student Medical Insurance during your Open Water Diver course, provided by Divers Alert Network (DAN).

  • We schedule 8 hours training at the pool: 3 hours on the deck and 5+ hours in the water. Compare that to a full group dive shop course, where you should expect to get less than one hour of personal attention from the instructor at the pool before your ocean dives.

  • We video you underwater in the pool, and post footage to You Tube, to provide visual analysis and feedback as you're developing your skills. No other dive operator in Vancouver offers this course feature.

  • Private training is the most efficient way to develop your skills. You will not be obliged to waste any precious time or tank air kneeling on the bottom in a cloud of silt, watching others in a group demonstrate their skills while waiting your turn to imitate the instructor.

  • Your practice time underwater will not be reduced or interrupted by any other student's problems or rapid air consumption. Group training dives are often interrupted or ended when the first student runs low on air or loses control of their buoyancy.

  • You'll experience better and much safer diving conditions, because groups always kick up clouds of silt when they kneel down on the sea floor to perform the dive skills. This degrades the visibility to near zero, meaning that students can barely see the diver next to them and the instructor can no longer see everyone in the group. Group dives often turn into a gong show, with short duration bottom times and minimal practice opportunity beyond the performance of required skills.

  • You'll pay less for equipment purchases and rentals. Get 20% discounts at partner dive shops.

  • You’ll get dive computer training as a standard course feature, not a pricey option.

  • A Drysuit Specialty course (and certification card) can be added to the Open Water course for $250 ($400 if taken separately). This certification is required if you plan to rent drysuits in the future.

PADI policy states that safety is the #1 objective on every dive, so why would you ever entrust your personal safety to an assigned classmate who is an uncertified novice and possibly a complete stranger?

  • Private training is safer and lower risk for the novice student.

  • The guiding principle behind PADI's education and training program is that diving is a "buddy sport", meaning that pairs of divers plan and execute a dive together, with a commitment to each other's safety. In the real world of diving, strong buddy skills are crucial to dive safety.

  • In a group course you'd be buddied with...and required to trust... another unskilled novice possessing no rescue skills, who might be a complete stranger with no personal investment in your safety. Buddy abandonment happens all the time on group dives, including abandonment by partners and spouses.

Course Details

The Open Water Diver course is segmented into three parts:

  • Dive Theory and Knowledge

  • Confined Water Dives

  • Open Water Dives


         Dive Theory and Knowledge

  • Academics are structured for independent home study. There are no organized classroom sessions. You'll read the course manuals, watch the course DVD, answer questions and quizzes, and write a final exam. All quizzes and exams are multiple choice.

  • PADI course materials are augmented with additional readings to give you a heads-up on diving conditions and considerations in the real world.

  • Time commitment is about 20-24 hours.

  • Correspondence as you work through the academics is by email and telephone.


 Confined Water Dives

  • Pool sessions are designed for you to learn, practice and gain confidence in a broad range of fundamental diving principles & skills in a safe, warm water environment before going to the ocean. Eight hours of pool time are included in the course price (3 on the deck and 5+ in the water), which is enough time for most people to learn the basics. Some students will struggle and need more pool time. We have to charge extra for that.

  • Pool sessions are held at the new UBC Aquatic Centre, evenings or weekends, subject to pool availability. The training requires 3 or 4 weeknight evening sessions or two weekend afternoon sessions.

  • We video you in the pool as you practice and post footage to You Tube to provide feedback and help guide your development.


Open Water Dives

  • Two days of diving in Howe Sound at the best dive sites: Whytecliff Park, Britannia Beach, Kelvin Grove and Porteau Cove. Click on site names for details.

  • Our private training dives are specifically planned around your personal abilities, strengths, weaknesses and interests. Our training dives typically last 30-45 minutes. Compare that to standard dive shop group dives which are frequently as short as 20 minutes each, and can be suddenly cut short if someone in the group has a problem, gets cold or depletes their air supply.

  • PADI's updated Open Water course emphasizes the use of dive computers over the traditional dive tables, but a computer is not mandatory equipment! That makes no sense. Computer training is a standard feature of this course, at no extra cost to you.

  • Successful completion of the course will earn you the PADI Open Water Diver certification, the most widely recognized diver certification in the world. More than that, you'll be a better informed, more knowledgeable, more skilled and more confident diver than a comparable graduate of an off-the-shelf dive shop group course.

The Schedule

  • The course schedule is flexible to meet your availability and pace of progress.

  • Finish the training in as little as three weeks or over a period of months.

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