Announcing 20% discounted pricing on equipment purchases at partner dive shops

Scuba diving is a gear sport. The investment required to fully equip yourself for diving in BC can easily reach $5,000.

Vancouver Scuba diving school is not a retail dive shop and we don't sell dive equipment. But we know that diving is an expensive sport and we're pleased to announce that VSds clients will now get a 20% discount off everyday retail prices on all their gear purchases at partner dive shops, when you're enrolled in any of our courses.

Typical retail price ranges for core diving equipment are as follows:

  • Exposure protection: $2,500+ for drysuit, spare wrist and neck seals, zipper wax, booties, hood, dry gloves, fleece undergarment, base layers of long underwear, heavy arctic socks.

  • Buoyancy Control Device (BCD): $400-700

  • Regulator: $1,000-1,500+

  • Critical accessories group: $1,000+ for compass, dive computer, knife tool, dive light and backup light, safety/signalling devices.

  • Personal gear group: $300+ for mask, snorkel, fins, spare straps.

  • Incidentals: $300+ for gear bags, bins, tool box and tools, spare parts, spare hoses, etc.

The money you can save as you equip yourself for diving can offset much, if not all, of your course fees when you sign up with Vancouver Scuba diving school.

Posted on November 1, 2016 .